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King Confections

King Confections started as a branch of our catering company King's Cuisine. My husband and I founded King's Cuisine in 2017 to showcase some of our signature recipes. We both have a passion for food and love creating new and delicious things to eat. I personally have always loved baking, and so in 2018 I decided to showcase the sweet side of King's Cuisine, that decision evolved through several stages to end up here... COOKIES! I have found my passion in cookie decorating, perfecting traditional cookie recipes, and crafting new cookie flavors. 

About ME.

My name is Dallas King I am a full time Wife and Mother with a love of baking, reading, and all things science fiction and fantasy. I am originally from SE Texas but took a trip to Virginia in 2014 where I met my super, amazing husband, who convinced  me to stay. I have absolutely LOVED growing my cookie business, learning everything I can about cookie decorating and perfecting my skills and techniques. The support of my friends, family, and community have played such a major role in my success so far and I can't thank you guys enough! 



For custom order requests please click on the "Custom Orders" menu tab and fill out the order form. Pricing and other order information can be found there as well. 


I will offer pre-made cookie sets for Holidays and other notable days throughout the year. The sets will be posted in my Square Store and can be accessed through the SHOP tab. Follow my Facebook page and Instagram for updates on when pre-orders will be available.

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Do you ship cookies?

   No, I have decided to stop shipping cookies for now. it is something I am open to looking into again in the future.

How much do your cookies cost?

   Because the price of the cookies can be different depending on the complexity of the decoration I do not have a set price. The cookies start at $45 per dozen. You can find more information on the Custom Orders page.

How long will your cookies stay fresh?

   All of the decorated cookies come in individual heat sealed bags. I will guarantee freshness for 2 weeks from the delivery/pickup date, however in my experience they can stay fresh for much longer.

Do you deliver?

   Due to the amount of orders I receive I am unable to make deliveries, however if you have an extenuating circumstance please feel free to ask and we can work something out.

If you have questions that haven't been answered here, please feel free to send me an email

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